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Servant Empowered Leadership

par Don Page

Mardi 25 mars 2014, par stan // Ressources

Un ouvrage à redécouvrir et son cahier de travail / exercices disponible en freebook pro bono.

Site Servant Empowered Leadership et son livre

Servant Empowered Leadership by Don Page

& son cahier d’exercices ressources en 356 pages en freebook pro bono !

Workbook Servant Empowered Leadership

“What sets this book apart from so many other books on leadership in general, and Christian leadership more specifically, is that half of each chapter is devoted to how to make the subject of the chapter a reality in an organization. Based on my working with many organizations over the years to develop better leaders among university presidents, business people, police officers, school teachers, health care administrators, social workers, government workers and those in the voluntary sector, and my study of Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies to Work for in America that are based on servant leadership and teamwork, I have developed for the book : 95 experiential leadership learning exercises ; 17 case studies for analysis, 47 discussion group exercises, 24 individual and team assessment instruments, and a feature film study for each chapter. With these tools in hand, I believe from my experience in training leaders, that they will be able to make Christian servant leadership a reality in their organizations.”

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Servant Empowered Leadership book by Don Page